Sending mail with the Raspberry Pi

Sending mail with the Raspberry Pi

Raspian, the default linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi does not install a mail server by default, so the raspberry cannot send mails. For raspberries running headless, i.e. without a monitor attached, mailing would be a good feauture, e.g. to report pending package updates, etc. So here is a simple way to enable sending mails from the raspberry without installing a full featured mail server.


Emails löschen im Thunderbird geht nicht …

Ich hatte jetzt kürzlich das Problem, dass ich im Thunderbird keine Emails mehr löschen könnte. Alles Andere hat einwandfrei funktioniert, nur beim Löschen ist nichts passiert.

Nach einer Weile ist mir aufgefallen, dass der “Papierkorb” fehlte. Keine Ahnung warum. Jedenfalls, nachdem ich den Papierkorb wieder angelegt hatte, hat auch das Löschen wieder funktioniert. 🙂

Lösung: Einen Ordner namens “Trash”* im Account** in der linken Ansicht anlegen.

[*] – Wichtig: “Trash”, nicht “Papierborb”

[**] – Leider weiß ich nicht, wie “Account” im Thunderbird ins Deutsche übersetzt wurde. Zugang?

Info from “posteo”



is it possible to use my own domain with a posteo account?

I didn’t find any information about that?
If not possible, do you have plans to make it possible?


Thank you for your question about using your own domain with Posteo.

This is not possible for privacy reasons. We certainly understand that
having your own domain is very important in the commercial industries.
But a domain needs to be registered to the name and address of an
individual. If we offered this, we would need to save the registration
details of everyone who uses their own domain with Posteo and to provide
these to the Federal Network Agency to be provided on request to the
authorities. This would still be the case even if only the MX record
pointed to us. We have therefore decided not to offer this possibility
and instead to focus on data economy.

It is, however, possible to add various other email addresses with
external domains as senders in the webmail interface and thereby to send
emails with Posteo using external domains. In order to be able to read
replies to these messages, you need to set up forwarding to Posteo for
the external address.

Sounds reasonable to me.